Atelier /hairspace origin story and philosophy.

This month we've had the pleasure of hosting Giovanna Morano as a guest stylist.  Giovanna started Atelier /hairspace 8 years ago, before selling it to the current owner and moving on to work with salons in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and South Beach Miami. I got a chance to chat with her about her inspiration for the shop, and vision for bringing a space like Atelier to Des Moines. It was inspiring for me to learn the history of this shop, so I wanted to share a quick origin story with you. 

Atelier /hairspace was started to emulate the atmosphere of a boutique you might come across in a city neighborhood of New York or Chicago.  Giovanna pulled her inspiration from her time spent working with Bumble and Bumble in the Meatpacking District of New York City. She recalls the juxtaposition of different esthetics in that area and compares it to 4th Street.  Our space is located in the heart of Downtown, tucked away in the oldest commercial building in Des Moines. Eight years ago, 4th street was hardly a reflection of what it is today. Despite the many boarded up, abandoned buildings in the area at the time- Giovana had the intuition that this area projected not only a great potential, but an exciting energy unique for Des Moines. Lately the metamorphosis of the Court Ave district has hardly been unnoticeable. As the district is being built up around us we are looking forward to experiencing the transformation of 4th Street.  

Our bright and open, yet intimate setting creates an energetic, creative ambiance. Atelier is part of the Bumble and Bumble Exclusive network of salons. Bumble and Bumble began in NYC and shares our philosophy of strong design ethic and extraordinary products. We believe in cultivating creativity while remaining deeply and passionately dedicated to the craft of hairdressing.

We want our work to speak for itself. Our stylists specialize in the balayage highlights. Balayage is a premium highlighting service designed to create natural looking highlights that grow out without a noticeable or obvious root; unlike traditional foiling.  It is a French technique that means “to sweep”, a reference to the way in which the color is applied.  Highlights can be subtle or more intense, depending on the desire of the client.

We've got Gio with us for ONE MORE WEEK, guys. She is a make-over aficionado. Which is exactly our prescription for you this fall. Call the salon today and set up and appointment with Gio! 

Happy Friday!