Art Noir Presents: Big Hair Ball 2013
Art Noir Presents: Big Hair Ball 2013

We want to project the magical and whimsical life of Des Moines native, Roy Halston Frowick, a.k.a. Halston. His designs and lifestyle embodied a fantastical and forbidden way. Studio 54 was one of the places where Halston thrived and his designs came to life. Halston’s greatest patrons and friends were Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Mick and Bianca Jagger, and countless others. Our show will uniquely portray masques of Halston and his A-list celebrity friends. For the unmasked, whimsical models, we will create smokey eyes, long lashes, ruby lips, and glowing skin with a touch of glitter. We will emphasize Halston’s era by creating extremely textured, glamorous, voluminous, and seductive hairstyles. We will be showcasing some of his actual clothing, and we will play songs that celebrate Halston’s life and era. It’s a time and place that no longer exists; therefore, we are recreating the atmosphere that he cultivated. We will create a ready-to-wear runway format with a seventies flair, which portrays each celebrity’s persona.